Sites that advise me, inspire me and entertain me.

48 Hour Adventure — Justin is an Aussie expat currently living and working in London with a *gasp* normal work week. Living in Europe means there are a myriad of destinations to visit but with only weekends off, he needed a plan. Now Justin spends his free days flying to cities around Europe and writing guides on the best ways to experience those cities when you only have 48 hours to do it.

A Chick with Baggage — Abbey is pretty hilarious, which is what first drew me into her blog but she also writes about her extensive travels around Europe and about her unique experience working on a Horse Ranch in Spain.

A Dangerouse Business – Amanda fell in love with New Zealand when she studied there during University and she talks about it a lot but that’s not all, she also give great tips for quick trips and interesting places to see in cities all over the world. Check out her Thursday Traveler and What in the World features!

A Wandering Sole — Laura paired her love for travel with her desire to help others. She, quite literally, “ran” around the world, tracking her miles and running races where she could to raise money for Sole Purpose. Now she’s home and while recounting her trip, deciding what her next adventure will be!

Adventures with Ben — Ben is a Florida native that decided it was time to set out and explore the world. He has started his website as a way to not only share his adventure with readers but to help them do the same. His website is full of helpful tips and wanderlust worthy stories about what he’s seen so far.

Adventurous Kate — Adventurous doesn’t even begin to describe Kate, who is off in Southeast Asia living the life. Kate and I connected over the fact that we both lived in Florence and I’ve enjoyed reading about all of her current adventures.

Almost Fearless — Christine and her husband Drew have been traveling for years, now they have welcomed baby Cole into their adventure! Currently, they are working on a documentary on the digital nomad lifestyle while simultaneously sharing their fabulous adventures and tips.

As We Travel — Nathan and Sofia have grown their own “keeping family updated blog” into a site featuring travel advice, downloadable destinations guides and their very own “As We Travel Show”. They have accomplished so much and they give great advice for travelers on a serious budget!

Backpacking Matt — Matt spent 2010 traveling all around the world and encountered some amazing things and people along the way. This year he has taken on a job working for, promoting cycle tourism in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Bacon is Magic — Ayngelina took a real leap of faith and effectively left everything behind to try and find out what made her happy. She found it. It was in South America, where she is currently traveling, speaking Spanish, and learning all about the amazing culture. Instead of moving on she’s decided to be true to herself and stick around for another six months to get the most out of her experience.

Beers and Beans — Beth and Randy decided to take a leap and plan a series of around the world journeys instead of staying their demanding jobs back in the States. They just finished their jaunt through Europe and are planning their next big adventure and they report what they saw and display their amazing photography.

Breakaway Backpacker — Jaime has just set off on his RTW trip, starting a little earlier than planned in Costa Rica. After a rough couple of events he decided it was time to grasp his dream and experience the world.

Brooke vs. the World — After learning Russian, teaching in the Ukraine and traveling around Europe, Brooke jumped over to Sydney to test out life in Australia. She currently lives in and blogs from Sydney and is working on a photo post per day as well as putting out interesting articles for WhyGoAustralia.

Candice Does the World – Perhaps one of the most uncensored blogs on the list, Candice does a fabulous job of getting just what she wants to say across with no funny business. Well, actually, she’s hilarious. This Newfie has a crazy, outgoing and contagious view on life that usually involves a cold one.

C’est Cristine — Christine is a go-getter, young Californian who has had a passion for everything French as long as she can remember. After spending six months in Nice, France instead of in a PR firm, she’s off to Australia this year to work and holiday her way around the Land Down Under!

Christine|in|Spain — A fellow UW Alum (although we never met at school) has picked up her life and moved it to Spain to live her dream of basking in the Mediterranean sun. Her amazing writing paints a beautiful picture of the expat life.

Connvoyage — In 2008 Connie left her NYC life and began her dream of seeing the world. Along the way she met her boyfriend Matt and they are currently in China trying their hand being ESL teachers.

Don’t Ever Look Back — One of my favorite traveling couples, Amy and Kiernon are gearing up to leave on their RTW trip this summer, starting in the States. These two won’t hesitate to get involved and get supporting. They write very informative and engaging articles about some of the step-by-step processes they are taking in preparation. A must-read for anyone preparing for a RTW trip.

Eurotrip Tips — Marie-Eve knew that she had to take a chance living in London, so that’s just what her and her boyfriend did! They loved their adventure and now Marie uses her site to share tips about her life in Europe.

Flight of the Jaya Bird — I was fortunate enough to meet Meg while she hung out in Florence for a few months studying Italian before continuing her journey through Europe. After 8 years working hard in Washington, D.C. she decided to see what Europe had to offer. After traveling for a few months she’s back in US re-entering the job force and re-vamping her blog.

foXnoMad — Anil is a seasoned traveler that has recently spent some time testing out the less touched corners of the world, including Iraq. He runs a fabulous site with tips about travel in general, he is my go-to when I need to logistics of anything travel.

Gap Year Escape — Before taking off for his own Gap Year adventure Amar came up with an idea to share his experience while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same. Although, he encountered some trials along the way he’s had a great year and continues to run his site full of stories, facts and photos!

Go, See, Write — Michael decided to leave his law firm and travel the world solely overland. He traveled completely around the world without ever booking a flight and is now preparing for the second time around. He’s hilarious no matter what he happens to be talking about and does a great interview series with some of the best travelers around.

Go Backpacking — Dave runs one of the most well-known and longest standing backpacker blogs on the web. No matter how much he travels or write he never fails to keep up with his readers and share his experiences.

Grounded Traveler — With a serious disliking for airplanes Andrew bit the bullet to try something new. He has been living as an expat in Germany for the past few years now and he has traveled (by train) around some interesting spots in Europe. Adding those tales on top of his revelations of expat life, and he tells a pretty great story!

Inspiring Travellers — Andrea and John are one of those awesome couples who met while traveling, their story continued as they relocated to Melbourne, Australia. At the end of 2010 they set off on a RTW and have recently explored the beauties of New Zealand and South America.

Inquisitive Travelers — Kyle and Rachel are newlyweds that are currently living in Malaysia and blogging about their lives and previous travels in places like Spain and Nicaragua, check out their travel story!

Kyle Hepp – Not only is Kyle one of the sweetest girls I know, she’s also one of the most fantastic photographers! She is married to her Chilean lover and they both live and photograph in Santiago. Their work is breath-taking and Kyle is always sure to relay the stories of their shoots in her blog.

Lauren’s Road Less Traveled — Lauren has just finished her second semester abroad in Southampton, England and is taking the plunge to see how she likes being a young professional in Washington, D.C. After meeting online Lauren and I discovered that we studied the same semester in Australia and had very relatable experiences, just one of many great travel connections I’ve made. — Lynda has always been a bit of a traveler but when she hopped across the Pacific and became an intern at Disney World last year she fell completely in love. Now back home in Melbourne she’s working on every possible angle to get back to her life in Orlando.

My Beautiful Adventures — Andi is one of the most lovely people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. She has a passion for life itself and everything it has to offer. On her site she features posts about her own travel experiences and what each has meant to her. By day Andi is a Chinese Medicine doctor, further proving her absolute love for the well-being of others.

Nomadic Samuel — Samuel is a true nomad at heart, who gave up his chance at a typical 9-5 in Canada to head to South Korea and teach English. He now uses his site to share his expertise on all things travel and expat. Plus, he has some very wise words to share with anyone looking to teach English abroad!

No Place to Be – Poi and Kirsty are an English couple that decided it was as good of a time as any to leave England for greater sites. They have been slow traveling through SE Asia and after settling in Thailand for a few months are considering packing their bags again… maybe…

Off Track Planet — This travel magazine is just what it says; a bit off track. However, that doesn’t even begin to describe this set of writers. If you want to laugh and learn some things that you may regret, head over to their site and see what they’ve dug up.

Ordinary Traveler — Scott and Christy are just a couple of surfers from San Diego and their laid-back lifestyle shows through on their blog. They feature great photos and destination posts, as well as personal stories, many of which involve awesome surf spots!

Over Yonderlust — Erica and Shaun are a couple from Texas. They have decided it’s time to travel and have just headed off for their RTW trip. Erica is a fantastic photographer and writes about some really thought-provoking sides of travel and life, check them out!

Positve World Travel — Elise and Anthony are two friendly Australians who set off to make a difference in the world they travel. Don’t let them fool you completely though, they’ll still try to push Vegemite on you if they get the chance! ;)

Rambling Tart — I ‘met’ Krista by accident through some other bloggers and we never missed a beat! Another on the list of amazing people, she also take amazing photos and don’t even get me started on her chat and photos about what she’s eating these days! (BTW there are recipes and photos of her food on her site… so get on over there!).

Suzy Guese — In her own words, “travel with a red-headed temperament” Suzy talks about her off the beaten path experiences and deeper research into some of the most popular tourist destinations. She also runs Suzy Stumbles Over Travel which highlights great articles posted all over the blogoshpere each week.

The Adventures of D — When D decided she wasn’t happy in her Vegas life and serious job, she took hold of the dreams she had formed on a beach in Croatia and went on a trip through Europe. After more fabulous stops in Spain and back to Croatia (so jealous!) she’s headed back to Vegas happier and brighter than ever.

The Aussie Nomad — Chris took off from his Aussie home and job to backpack around Europe for a few months before settling in London to experience life from the other side of the world. Read about his experience in each city as well as some useful information on planning your budget for these destinations.

The Jungle Princess — When Abby felt like her life might be falling apart she took a chance and moved to a tiny beach town in Costa Rica. After a year of fabulous porch parties and sharing her experience with other travelers and expats she took a fantastic opportunity working at a magazine in Vegas where she continues her ‘jungle’ adventures.

The Quarterlife Quandary – I laugh my way through If that’s not enough to persuade you then Marie is an American currently going to grad school, planning a wedding and cooking in her fabulously out of date oven; all from London baby!

The Travelling Editor — Dylan is known across the blog-o-sphere as having a way with words. Dylan is currently studying in London and taking short trips around Europe in the meantime. He always has a kind word to share and advice to give!

The Traveling Philosopher — Spencer and his Southern drawl (that I just have to imagine to read his posts in) have decided that the American dream isn’t the dream at all. Currently taking over for Abby in Coco, Costa Rica he is in the process of planning a trip to Europe as the next leg of his journey around the world.

The Traveller — Yet another fabulously funny travel writer, Lindsay (aka Hogga) is currently trying to survive life at home in Canada through a series of stick figure drawings and pizza comas. If you need to know the best hostel with a bar, look no further.

TourAbsurd – A fellow sufferer of the perils that accompany living with an Italian man, Katrina never ceases to have a funny story, great photo or ‘absurd’ idea for travel.

There’s No Place Like Oz — Heather developed her passion for travel galavanting around the world meeting up with friends and after years of working as a guidance counselor decided to take her own advice and do what she loved! She moved to Australia to see the country, settle down and work a bit in my favorite city, Sydney! Not only has Heather enjoyed all the festivals and treats that Sydney has to offer but she’s about to take off and start the adventure all over again!

Travel Reportage — Guilia is Italian by birth but she has taken off on an adventure around the world. In her travels she discovered that Egypt is where her heart lies and while she’s back in Italy at the moment reporting on all things Italian, next she’s on to South America but she still talks about her love for Egypt and her plans for getting back there sooner than later.

Travel for Love — Laura is currently living a world away from her Brazilian fiancé Roberto as they deal with the ins and outs of dual-citizenship and marriage papers. They do their best to see each other whenever possible by meeting for short journeys between their two homes.

World Travel for Couples — After a year-long RTW trip and some fabulous adventures (such as a marriage proposal in Ireland) Adam and Megan write awesomely detailed posts about what they saw on their trip and give tips on how to plan something similar.

Travels of Adam — Adam decided he’d be better off if he quit his graphic design job and heading on a trip around the globe. After spending some time and adoring Spain he decided to move into less commonly traveled territories. He spent three months interning in Israel and is currently exploring SE Asia.

Twenty-Something Travel — Stephanie was one of the first bloggers that I stumbled upon and her invaluable advice and experiences have guided many travelers as they take off on similar adventures. She is currently off on her much anticipated RTW trip in Southeast Asia.

Unbrave Girl — Yet another hilarious gal, Sally writes novella-length posts known for being read down to the last word. She has spent the last few years traveling and working in SE Asia and eating (and talking about eating) cookies.

Vagabond 3 — Jade, Bobby and Rob began their travels when Rob won a Twitter contest for a trip to Sydney. After winning RTW tickets from completing his task (1 tweet per minute for the 3 days in Sydney!) they were off! They are now chronicling their journey through the US in search of Mexican food and Jade is challenging her fashionista self to do it all out of a carry-on bag.

Wandering Earl — Another well-seasoned traveler, Earl has recently joined Anil (foXnoMad) as they journeyed through Iraq. Earl has been traveling ever since he took a career break all the way back in 1999…

Wandering Trader – Marcello is a different kind of location independent traveler, being that he quite literally is a wandering trader. He trades stocks when the markets up and travels in the meantime. Working his whole life to find a dream, he finally found it and it now sharing it through his photos and stories.

Where Is Jenny? — Jenny has experienced a lot recently but has decided that she wants to take her online business and make it location independent. The first leg of her trip involves hitting all the major skate parks in the U.S. and hopefully meeting some of her idols along the way! Jenny gives great advice on how to prepare, travel and budget for a major trip.

yTravelBlog — Caz and Craig have been traveling the world for more than ten years, so of course they have some great stories to tell! They talk about everything from what to see and their thoughts on their experiences, to the logistics of budget travel. These two are another pair of people that you just want to know, they’ll never hesitate to give you advice or just have a chat.

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