August 2010

How I Found Madrid

August 30, 2010

Before I visited Madrid, if you asked me what my favorite cities were I would have quickly said Sydney, then I would add a haphazard list of cities that I had recently visited and enjoyed. I guess I want to give every city a chance and appreciate a city that someone else has fallen in [...]

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Lesson #5: They Created the World

August 29, 2010

I just spent the last eighteen days traveling with Italians, ten days with three Italians and the following eight with my usual Italian accessory. Of course I have learned much more about the world in these last eighteen days then I have in my entire life. Of course… Upon arrival in Alicante, all was well, [...]

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Top Five Travel Injuries

August 27, 2010

It’s true, I’m finally back from my trip and gracing the travel blog world with my presence again! I wanted to start my travel posts with something fun so that you can enjoy my trip as much as I did. Here they are, the top five injuries I acquired on my trip through Spain and [...]

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Letting Go

August 5, 2010

I am always reading posts on the loneliness that travelers face and the sacrifices we must make as we hit the road. I think about this all the time as I am at a crucial stage in my life when the road has forked. For the last year travel has been the ultimate goal, the [...]

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Laurea–The Italian Degree

August 3, 2010

This past weekend I got a secret peek inside the lives of Italian university students, know what I found? They are just like the American ones. Maybe for the first time since I have been here (read: first time in the last 7 months!!), for one entire night I felt included in a celebration, in [...]

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