St. Paddy’s Day, Ireland and Italian Pizza

Between pints of Guinness over the weekend*, hints of words of a blog post floated through my head. When it all came together on paper, it just wasn’t enough. I came up with a couple good lines and then was left with no idea how to finish the story.

The truth is that this time last year we were in Ireland, and it was amazing. I’ve told you all about the amazing Irish locals we met, the ones that now know our life story and are somewhere wandering the middle of Ireland remembering us just the same as we remember them**. We were in the homeland, celebrating the homeland’s holiday. Pure bliss.

The story goes that we met on St. Paddy’s Day in an Irish Pub in the Newtown suburb of Sydney. He followed me around the bar all night while I actively attempted to ignore him and he spilled his life story in Italian-tainted English. I politely listened but really didn’t pay that close of attention. The details I remembered late the next day was only that he was in a band.

That was three years ago. 

This year we celebrated our 3 year anniversary by taking a seat in one of the most Italian places in all of Sydney. Every waiter in the place was so Italian that I actually didn’t have the choice to speak in English when Lorenzo’s true identity was revealed to our waiter (a whole two words in).

So just to reiterate; we celebrated our 3 year anniversary as an Italian-American couple in the middle of Sydney on an Irish holiday in the most Italian restaurant in the city. This is my life. But it’s pretty good.

Without further ado, I give you, [one year and] two days late: A recap of my Ireland photos. Enjoy!


Cliff of Moher Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Irish Castle Ireland

Ireland is the most photogenic country I’ve been to yet. Very little editing needed on these photos.

Galway Ireland on the 'Prom'

Galway, Ireland along the ‘Prom’.

The Liffy @ Dublin, Ireland

The River Liffey.

St. Stephen's Green @ Dublin, Ireland

Perfect lunch in our favorite spot in Dublin; St. Stephen’s Green.

St. Paddy's Day @ Dublin, Ireland

It’s a secret.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, I hope you drank green beer!



*That is a blatant lie.

**They do not remember us, surely.