Walking along ‘The Prom’-Galway City

Galway is the most adorable little city, everything you need is located it the tiny block of streets and alleyways known as the city center. However, looking out past the Spanish Arch, we knew there was more to this city that rowdy pubs and fish & chips.

The path that leads from Galway City to Salthill is known by the locals as The Promenade, or The Prom, and is a 2.5 kilometer stroll along the bay. We saved this scenic walk for that last day, mostly by accident. We attempted to walk out on our second day but were overtaken by the strength of the wind and ran back to Galway City and the comfort of the pubs.

On our last day in Galway Lorenzo and I woke up early, packed our bags, checked out and set off to ‘walk the Prom’ with the locals. We couldn’t have picked a better day. As we neared the bay, snapping photos like it was actually our job, the fog began to lift and the sun began to warm our icy ears.

Every curve in the road seemed to reveal an even more beautiful scene. I could not stop taking photos of gorgeous Galway Bay. It is pretty hard to describe how I felt or the beauty of what I saw, so I’ll just show you all.

Salthill in the distance.

These images don’t even rightfully show how I felt walking along the Prom. I felt like I was at home, in Greenlake, walking beside the Seattle moms and UW students gossiping about their lives, who they met last night or what their brothers were up to.

If you visit Galway, do not let the pubs and hustle and bustle of the little city distract you from the beauty that awaits as you walk around the outside of the Claddagh Ring. I even asked Lorenzo if we could move there, it just felt that much like home to me.

Have you been to Galway? What was your experience there?