Sunday Photos: Best of Seattle

Pike Place Market Seattle, WA

As I’m leaving Seattle today, I am sad to say that it will be a while before I again step foot in this lovely city on the Sound. Being away from the city for almost two years made me determined to see the best of it (and show it to Lorenzo) while I was here this summer and exploring it made me realize how much I didn’t know.

Lack of good planning and some budget issues meant that we didn’t get to see everything we wanted, but we still had a great time and we saw a fair share of some of the best of Seattle. Here are some of my favorite photos from the last month.

Pike Place Market Seattle, WA

Pike Place Market is synonymous with Seattle, inside you can find colorful fruit stands, stinky displays of fresh seafood and a million little specialty shops.

Pink Door Seattle, WA

Clearly I like cocktails; this one is from The Pink Door, an Italian restaurant near Pike Place Market Market. It was mix of lavender liqueur and Prosecco.

Statues in Fremont Seattle

Funky little sculptures carved low into the wall near Royal Grinders in Fremont.

Seattle skyline w/ Mt. Rainier

I’m never really happy with the result of skyline photos but Lorenzo did a good job capturing the beauty that can only be seen on a clear Seattle day. This photo was taken from the observation deck of the Space Needle with Mt. Rainier floating in the background.

Le Panier Pike Place Market Seattle

Last but not least here is a tasty view of one of our many little treats along the way. Pain au Chocolat and Macaroons from Le Panier just near Pike Place Market and Starbucks.

Browsing my photo history, I see that I didn’t take as many photos of Seattle as I would have liked, but sometimes you just have to live.