January 2011

I am like soo not THAT girl!

January 26, 2011

I have been thinking about the inspiration for this post for a long time, in different forms for the last year, really. Then Lauren (Lauren’s Road Less Traveled) wrote this post on how her eating habits have changed living in England, and I thought that I should share my thoughts on the subject. Even before [...]

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London’s Second Chance

January 17, 2011

Our second and final day in London, the alarm was set early. We wanted to have plenty of time to fully enjoy the city before we had to head to the airport. We chose to spend that night in the airport since RyanAir so kindly scheduled us for a 6am flight and we didn’t want [...]

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London Fog

January 14, 2011

When we confirmed that we’d be flying back from England via London on Decmeber 31st, I was so excited about my quick trip.┬áLondon… Okay, okay no I’m not that heartless, I was also super excited to not only see Andy and Gianna get married but also to see Andy and Gianna after weeks of being [...]

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Hostels: Love-Hate Relationship?

January 5, 2011

Whenever I make the decision to take a trip, I get a lot of joy out of researching. Exhausting all the resources to see if I can catch some tips to get the most of my destination. One very important part of planning is the hostel search. I love hostels and I’m always searching for [...]

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Reflections of 2010

January 3, 2011

I thought a lot about whether or not I even wanted to write a “year-in-review” post. I’m not really big on following all the trends and well I assume that other bloggers get sick of reading the same style of posts over and over again. Then I read everyone’s year-in-review posts, and I enjoyed them [...]

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