June 2011

Vacationing in my Own Backyard-Weekend Itinerary

June 29, 2011

This post is my entry into the TBEX Blog Carnival contest sponsored by Cambria Suites of Choice Hotels International Services Corp. When I’m abroad, my answer to the standard travel question Where are you from? is always Seattle. People know that city, even if they aren’t from the States. If I were to tell people [...]

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Sorry NY but I ♥ Boston

June 22, 2011

Only partially the truth. I feel that New York and Boston are two absolutely different cities which are destined to be loved in two absolutely different ways. New York is literally a giant and filled with motion; sites, sounds, people (equally crazy and sane) and streets to walk. Boston made me stop and catch my [...]

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Breathing the Fresh Tuscan Air with Fun in Tuscany Vespa Tours

June 17, 2011

Don’t-a worry, it’s like floating down a river! Suddenly I could feel my heart beating in my throat as Filippo attempted to put each new rider at ease as we climbed onto our individual scooters. Maybe I hadn’t thought this through enough, motorcycles really freak me out, why did I assume a Vespa would be [...]

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Highlights of TBEX 2011 in Vancouver

June 16, 2011

When I first signed up to attend the third annual travel blogging conference in Vancouver, B.C. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I saw an available ticket and as I contemplated whether or not my family would disown me for leaving them just one day after arriving in Seattle, I knew [...]

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G’Day from Little Oz

June 1, 2011

Almost every major city you visit has special little neighborhood and sections of the city that are representative of an immigrant culture. New York, Sydney, and San Franciso for example are famous for some of their cultural neighborhoods. New York has Little Italy, full with generations of past Italian immigrants cooking up some of the [...]

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