January 2012

Life with your nose pressed against the glass: lessons in gratitude

January 17, 2012

Sydney, AUS Lately, I’ve spent many an evening in my bed, relaxing and elevating my aching feet. Since one week after arriving in Sydney I have been a full-time working waitress at a hotel down on Sydney Harbour. At the job I’ve met some amazing people, some of my first new friends in Sydney, and [...]

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Best Brekky Spot in Sydney: my research so far

January 12, 2012

Sydney, AUS It all started one wintery Sunday in Florence. We had an invitation to one of the well-known expat restaurants in town to enjoy their famous Sunday brunch. It was a company thing actually, our little travel agency had been running the brunch for years and to be honest, the promotion wasn’t go too [...]

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Wayward ABC’s: Travel Stories

January 11, 2012

Sydney, AUS I was nominated twice (can we say populuuurr) by the amazing Miss Melly Boo herself of TheMellyBooProject and also by one of my favorite new blogging friends Bobbi of Heels and Wheels to participate in this fun little meme floating around the travel blogosphere these days. So, without further ado… A: Age you went [...]

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2012: New Year’s in Sydney, Australia

January 5, 2012

Sydney, AUS This was the year I had been waiting for, after celebrating a less-than-exciting welcome into 2011 in Florence, Italy, I was going to have an amazing time in Sydney. We found out that Lorenzo’s parents were coming for a visit around the New Year back in November but they had originally planned to [...]

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Ringing in Four Years of Travel — New Year’s Eve Abroad

January 1, 2012

Sydney, AUS In the past few years, I haven’t spent a single New Year’s at home. Since 2008 I have been always been somewhere else to welcome in all of the possibilities of a new year. I’ve never been one to look forward to a new year as a way of burying the past; never [...]

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