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Who is Wayward Traveller?

What’s that you ask? It’s just little old me here, I’m Annie. And hey, good question. I’ll start with the basics.

I am from a little town in Washington State called Spokane. The truth is that it’s the second biggest city in the state, but it feels really little to me. I never used to like to travel. When I was young I had really bad homesickness {I couldn’t stay over at friend’s houses} and the first time I ever got off a plane back home, I was cuddled into my own bed in record time after being released from the car. My dad actually thought they had left me at the airport because I escaped to the safety of my own covers that fast.

Wayward Traveller

I started traveling a lot in the summer of 2008. Jaunts to California, Colorado and Canada highlighted my year. I met some Aussies in Whistler, they came into play when I made one of the most important decisions of my life a year later.

I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia for six months in 2009. It was one of the biggest defining moments of my life. From there, I met a boy, I moved to Italy, I started a blog. Then I moved back to Sydney, I learned how to be on my own and how to take care of myself {it’s an uphill battle}. Now I’m working for an advertising agency, specializing in social media.

I’m a semi-pro wannabe surfer. Who has made an attempt to get on a surfboard once a week and can almost surely stand up on any real wave that might role past.

There are a few things that I find bring me back to the center of who I am.

The Ocean; there is something about diving under an oncoming wave and looking to the surface to watch as the whitewater swirls past your eyes. The salt has a way of drawing negative energy out of me.

Yoga; I’m still new to yoga, but when I am focusing on my form and listening to the soothing words of my favorite teachers, I know that the world is a better place with yoga in it.

Writing; whether in the form of blog posts, stories, memoirs of the men of my life, letters or wannabe magazine shorts. Something about getting it all out there on a page to mix and meld into something beautiful. Even with no one to read it, it is amazing therapy. But I usually force my friends to read.

Puppies; there is just something about them. Dogs in general, I have a wealth of useless dog knowledge from my childhood. But more than anything it’s the hopelessly devoted love. They just love you, no matter what.

Sydney is my happy place.

I thrive on seeing the world and even though I haven’t seen as much as I would have liked in these past few years, I know that will all change soon. Until then, I find new adventures close to home to excite me.

I love good beer, good wine and hipsters. And there are plenty of all of those things for me to indulge in here in Sydney.

  • http://www.connvoyage.com Connie

    A year in Italy! How amazing! A good friend of mine keeps telling me to come out and live with him and his family. I think I’m going to take him up on the offer soon so your experiences there will help me out! Keep living the dream and inspiring others to do the same!

  • http://www.laurensroadlesstraveled.com Lauren

    I like the new layout :)

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    Thanks! I’m hoping to work on it more soon but this was a good start!

  • Anonymous

    hey annie! just came across your comment on ‘the best time to visit italy’ article! your story is wonderful. i’m from seattle too and am actually on my way to italy this week. i was wondering if you got a visa or not? since you are staying over the allotted 90 days that us american citizens are granted. i want to stay in italy longer than planned but am a bit hesitant to overstay a visa i don’t have!

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    Hey Carolyn, I emailed you! I hope that you got it? Keep in touch about Italy plans!

  • Lynsey Gilmour

     Annie you are one of the unlaziest’ people i know.  Australia is going to be a good adventure for you guys. I know alot of us (your original ozzy friends) wont be there but its going to be a good year for you guys and im sure you will be an inspiration to any lucky person you meet on your way! x

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    Thank Lyns! You know it won’t be the same without you and the others but I hope it will still be fab! And who knows maybe in that year I can finally convince you all to come back!! 

  • http://www.micamyx.com Micamyx

     I am a new reader! Hope you can visit Asia soon. Don’t forget the Philippines! :D

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    Hi Micamyx! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll let you know when I get to Asia! :)

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  • http://thejungleprincess.com Abby

    People are always shocked when I tell them I’m lazy, even though I’m always on the go. The truth is, I’m lazy. And I travel. A lot. Best “About Me” page I’ve ever read!!

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    That’s so sweet, thanks Abby! I love being lazy but still getting out and traveling! I think it helps you appreciate living life in the places you see. 

  • http://grantmcwilliams.com grantmasterflash

    “I dream of Croatia. A lot.”. But Croatia isn’t in your list of places you’ve been. Why do you dream of Croatia? Do tell. I’m dream of Croatia and I’ll tell you why but you go first. ;-)

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    Over the years Croatia has crept further and further up my list of places that I want to visit. I was living in Italy for a year and a half and time and money could just never come together-therefore, I’m left dreaming of it still! My plan is to plan an extended trip there when I can work it out (when I’ll inevitably be back in Europe) and see it all for myself. 

    Now your turn!

  • http://grantmcwilliams.com grantmasterflash

    I backbacked from London to Venice one year and caught a ship from there to Istanbul. The ship was stopping off in Croatia (Dubrovnik) and being the ignorant traveler (I didn’t say American but you can add that stereotype as well) I thought “Why in the world are we going to this god forsaken country, aren’t they at war or something?”. You can roll your eyes now – it was 2004. At the port in Dubrovnik I caught a bus to the old town. The sky was stormy and the sea dark blue and rough. As the bus drove along the walls of the city then turned and went through the wall I didn’t have a thought – it was a very strong feeling of awe. The thought followed close behind and it was “What a magical place this is”. I took a photo that trip that ended up being in a UK magazine by chance - http://grantmcwilliams.com/travel/travel-photos/?g2_itemId=51532&g2_imageViewsIndex=0. I’ve been going back almost every year since and have come very close to buying property there which I still will do but I need to start a company (that makes no money) in Zagreb which then can buy the property. As an individual it takes years to buy property. 

    When I’m in Dubrovnik or Split I stay in apartments rented by locals. The Split produce market is enough alone to pack my bags and move. I’ve been to Plitvice several times and Zagreb a bunch. I’m also madly in love with Ljubljana Slovenia which isn’t very far away. Actually that whole country is gorgeous. 

    Being in Italy and not going to Croatia should be a crime with a very strong punishment just so you know. It’s only a ferry ride away from Bari (overnight) or Ancona. You can take a train from Venice and be in Ljubljana in 4 hrs and Zagreb in about 7.

    Although I’d say not to go in August because the entire country of Italy empties and they all go to Croatia. Funny that Italians go to Croatia for holiday.

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie

    Although I can’t speak from experience, I’m going to go ahead and say that I think that sounds perfect, and I want your life. 

    I also think that people should be punished for not going to Croatia from Italy. Same goes for Slovenia; a friend of mine went and I was meant to go with her and I think I had to work at the last minute or something which prevented me from seeing one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!

    I will surely be back in Europe within a couple of years (the boyfriend is Italian and left his ENTIRE Italian family at home) so I’ll put these at the VERY top of my list!

  • http://grantmcwilliams.com grantmasterflash

    OK you can have it but you have to agree to take all of my life including the bad parts. Dangerous words my friend. 

    There’s a family in Ljubljana that rent out two floors of their house and I highly recommend them and their beautiful city. http://www.tourist-apartment-ljubljana.com/old/index.php.  All of the Slovenians I’ve met have been so overwhelmingly nice you wonder what kind of happy drugs they’re taking. We stayed in a Hostel way outside of town once then the next day transferred to the families apartment linked above. We left my sons coat at the first place and the owner contacted the owner of the second place and he drove all the way to town and transferred the coat without us even being involved. The Strnad family I’ve linked went out of their way and gave us all kinds of recommendations and helped us find a place to stay on another visit even though they were already full. We’d never even been their guests and they were still bending over backwards for us. Two years later we stayed with them. At first you’re just wondering whats up then you realize they’re Slovenian. The mother noticed on my daughters passport that it was her birthday so we came back from wandering the river listening to live music and eating Gelato to find a birthday card and cake. 

    Very very nice place. When I tell people who are going to Italy that they really need to go over the border though I just get a glazed look. No matter what I say I can’t convince them. Oh well, it will just take that much longer for Slovenia to become Disneyland (like their neighbor to the west, ahem).

  • http://www.heelsandwheelsonline.com Bobbi and Ric

    So happy I came across your site. Your path is similar to mine-just different places. I also studied abroad and after that I was hooked! Enjoy your upcoming year in Australia. I’m sure you’re already quite familiar with the country, but I hope a year there presents new adventures for you. PS jealous you got a year in Italy. Such an amazing country!!! Also, Croatia is a really new and great place to visit. I only went to Korcula for a few days but I’m hooked. Can’t wait to get back!

  • http://expatedna.com/ Edna

    Just discovered your blog and seems we have a lot in common! I dream of Croatia (crossing my fingers to get there this summer), have a weird attraction from mosquitoes (I’ve been bitten by them in WINTER in Paris), and am surprisingly lazy given how much I travel. Would love to cross paths on our travels someday :)

  • http://waywardtraveller.com/ Annie @ Wayward Traveller

    Hi Edna, thanks for stopping by! I hope you do make it to Croatia this summer, you’ll definitely be beating me to it! As for the mosquitoes, I hear they prefer Americans for some reason! 

    Would definitely love to cross paths, keep in touch!