It’s really up and coming.

June 10, 2014

There were always things that Tassie meant to me. But it wasn’t like when I got back, I instantly knew the stories I wanted to tell. In fact, it’s taken me over a month to scribble a smattering of words that someone may be interested in reading. Because the thing about Tassie is, it needs [...]

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Rainy day weekends

November 22, 2013

This past weekend, something big happened, something big for me… I went away. Other than visiting home, I haven’t really been on a holiday since I was in Thailand, in March. The heart of a traveller can easily be stifled by a static world. The plans for this weekend came up about a month ago, [...]

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The {real} Hangover in Bangkok

June 17, 2013

In light of being honest with you, usually, I let a hangover get the best of me. I mean, I’m precious. Wallowing in the pain of my head pounding through the tops of my eyes, my stomach convulsing; threatening. I sat in the hotel bed in Bangkok, dressed in my black cotton skirt and grey [...]

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Singapore is…

March 21, 2013

… really humid. Like, shockingly hot and muggy. Singapore was never really on the list of places that I was dying to see. It was another Asian city, that I probably hadn’t heard enough about. Living in Sydney, Singapore comes up a lot in conversation, at least in the advertising industry. Many offices are based [...]

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Getting my wings back.

December 3, 2012

It’s been nearly one year since I’ve left Sydney. It almost hurts to say that. Last time I took a day off work, without being stuffed up and curled up in my bed, was February 2012. I jumped on a 6am flight with L and my old college friend Eric {Prestbo as he was known [...]

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The Cambridge Hotel – Sydney, Australia

July 30, 2012

As I browsed around the website of the Cambridge Hotel, located on the hippest side of one of Sydney’s hippest suburbs, Surry Hills, I could hardly sit still in my seat at work. I had to spread the word – posting the link on Lorenzo’s Facebook page with the caption ‘get excited’. The Cambridge website [...]

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Best Italian Pizza Places in Sydney

April 16, 2012

I know that I complained a lot when I was living in Italy. I tried to keep it in, but I’ll indulge you with a little piece of shear honesty here, Italy is NOT perfect. Under the Tuscan Sun may be a true story but remember how frustrated she got in it, remember the faucets [...]

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St. Paddy’s Day, Ireland and Italian Pizza

March 19, 2012

Between pints of Guinness over the weekend*, hints of words of a blog post floated through my head. When it all came together on paper, it just wasn’t enough. I came up with a couple good lines and then was left with no idea how to finish the story. The truth is that this time [...]

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Best Brekky Spot in Sydney: my research so far

January 12, 2012

Sydney, AUS It all started one wintery Sunday in Florence. We had an invitation to one of the well-known expat restaurants in town to enjoy their famous Sunday brunch. It was a company thing actually, our little travel agency had been running the brunch for years and to be honest, the promotion wasn’t go too [...]

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2012: New Year’s in Sydney, Australia

January 5, 2012

Sydney, AUS This was the year I had been waiting for, after celebrating a less-than-exciting welcome into 2011 in Florence, Italy, I was going to have an amazing time in Sydney. We found out that Lorenzo’s parents were coming for a visit around the New Year back in November but they had originally planned to [...]

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