Sunday Photos: San Francisco Snapshots

Sutro Baths San Francisco, CA

Although we aren’t done with California just yet, we have seen a lot in these last fifteen days. I have been traveling and seeing all that I can see, meaning that I haven’t been live posting and have a lot to catch up on. In the meantime here is a look at some of my favorite photos from the seven days we spent in San Francisco this month. This photo was taken from the Marin Headlands viewpoint across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. It was one of the only clear days we saw in seven days. Clarion Alley in The Mission, San Francisco. Famous for politically and socially empowering and just colorful art murals. Our footsteps behind us leading back up Baker Beach to the Cinque Terre-esque neighborhood of Sea Cliff in the distance. Baker Beach is San Francisco’s main nude beach; we had been warned but were possibly not prepared. Watching the sunset at San Francisco’s Sutro Baths, a ruined structure overlooking the ocean which used to house elegant swimming pools but was destroyed by a fire in 1966, shortly after it was shut down due to high maintenance costs. This is the french toast I waited two and a half hours in line for. It was beautiful and the Bloody Mary was amazing but I wouldn’t suggest going for brunch at Mama’s on a Sunday in August.

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Snow Day!

Who remembers the glorious days when we were all kids and school was cancelled (YES!) sometimes for weeks on end thanks to the snow! I remember some particularly bad storms in my childhood when I was living in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho which we celebrated by jumping off (parked) buses into the mountainous snow mounds. My brother and I used to get so bundled up we couldn’t walk, then spend hours in the yard without even thinking about the temperatures. Ah, those were the days! I got to take a step back into time yesterday as Florence was blanketed with the most beautiful covering of fluffly, white snow! It snowed for eight hours yesterday in Florence and it was without mercy for the unprepared drivers and shoppers. I left my house around 11:30 in the morning to meet a friend for lunch and there were just a few flakes making a desperate flurry around my head. When I exited my Diner date around 1pm there was already about one inch of snow piled up on the railings of the outside seating area. By the time I made it to my office to drop some photos, another inch had accumulated on the hood of my jacket. The little boy I babysit/teach couldn’t get over it and kept telling me about all the exciting things he was going to get to do once I left and he went to his country home. Sadly, I’m not sure they made it for the night considering the entire city basically shut down. Lorenzo works in Scandicci, which on a normal day is about a 15-20 minute drive to our house from his actual office. I talked to him on Skype around 5pm to find that he’d been attempting to text me all day and was just leaving work. He arrived home just before 9:30pm. He told me all about the adventures along the way and how peculiar it was that even though cars were parked every place and every-which-way the people walking around were fully suited for the slopes… I tried to check the traffic or any weather forecasts on TV just to feel a little involved as I sat bundled up along at home. My facebook homepage was being constantly flagged with status updates about the snow ruining my students attempts to get home to the States this weekend, and I was curious…

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