Boboli Gardens

I did it! Well, almost. I took a stroll through the Bobobli Gardens this weekend. It was amazing! Lorenzo and I went to the front of Palazzo Pitti, which is enormous and also the main entrance to the gardens. There is a photo of me standing in front of it so that you can get the idea of how huge this place it.

We wondered around in the sun for a while trying to see all of the different sites that are listed on the tourist signs, but that place is a maze and I felt like we kept ending up where we can in which was weird because I know that gardens are so huge. In the end we spent a good couple of hours there and saw a lot of amazing sights and took photos so it was a day well spent!!

After we had thoroughly exhausted ourselves in the gardens and Lorenzo showed me the courtyard where Sigur Ros played a couple of years ago.

After that we went on a mission to find some cute boots in the San Lorenzo Market (for me of course) I ended up with a small shoulder bag, a cardigan and a dress… so mission failed, better luck next time.

We spent Sunday with the parents for a nice long lunch where I was introduced to the typical Ragu and “Bistecca Fiorentina”, it was great! Lorenzo’s dad took the trek out in the pouring rain to get some amazing typical gelato and got 3 different flavors for me to try!! Then we watched the Fiorentina match and they won!! It was great to see Gilardino score his first goal in 920 minutes! 🙂 After that Lorenzo’s dad went out once again and got us Bomboloni filled with creme and chocolate, while his mom made us Cappucini. We are so lucky to have them here!

Overall, it was a successful weekend! This week I am going to work on the job hunt and hopefully going to the Uffizzi with my former classmate and future workmate, Jesse. Should be fun! I’ll post the pics as the come!