Who says work can’t be fun?

In the midst of all the stress of thinking about what I could possibly write about my recent trip and what I could possible write about my life here in Florence (tough huh?) I stupidly overlooked some of the most exciting news, and something that I am happy to share with my followers and fellow travelers! My new jobs!!

After a rocky start here in Florence with employment that was beyond sketchy in any form of the word, I reluctantly dragged my feet to continue searching for teaching jobs. Even as I updated my resume and dreamed of working in the Irish Pub down the street, I was dreading the thought of having to go through all of it again. With a little push from my friends, I started applying to jobs at random, including a couple of student travel agencies and a website for expats, students and travelers in Italy.

Well, I have finally reached my turning point here in Florence! I was blessed with two new jobs in nearly the same day. One as a contributing writer for a website called Insider’s Abroad, where I am able to use my very own pseudonym and do my best to inform the stranieri of Italy on the hippest, best and up-and-coming all over the country.

Cinque Terre--one of many destinations

Second, my friend and her boyfriend have been working as tour leaders for this company in Florence that offers cheap weekend trips to study abroad students (and anyone really) called Florence for Fun. I met up with the head honchos and two just days after getting back from Portugal I had a job writing mini-city guides for their destinations and last week I had the opportunity to accompany this years fall students on one of the day trips to Chianti. That was just getting my feet wet however; this weekend (and the following two) I’ll be heading to Oktoberfest for the first time. I couldn’t be more excited! We are arranging a bike tour of Munich to get some history in, some time at the Hofbrauhaus and of course two full days (or more) of Oktoberfest every weekend. Did I mention this is my JOB??

If all goes as planned this semester I’ll have a chance to travel almost every weekend and get to see places like Munich, the Almafi Coast of Italy, Prague, Athens and the Greek Islands, and Interlaken in Switzerland (bring on the skydiving!!). I’ll be traveling most weekends, the only downside being that it gives me and Lore an estimated 2.5 evenings together per week. But if we survived six months apart (I know it’s not that long, but it was HELL) then I think we can survive this. Plus, all my blood will be pumping from so much exciting travel that I don’t think I’ll be able to stop smiling for an entire semester.

Today Lore and I drove by my old work place, where I taught English, and a feeling of dread came over me; then I turned to Lore and laughed. I can’t believe that for those long few months I thought that’s what I came here to do, I thought that eventually I would find the right place to teach and stop struggling for money. No wonder I felt doomed and lost for so long. Now, all the pieces have fallen into place, so it seems, and I just hope they fit!