Ferie Day 4: St. Jordi, Mallorca

After I got my anti-biotics, I was quite content and feeling ready for adventure. We woke up semi-early and jumped in our still newly rented car. We had heard from the doctor of some beautiful beaches around the island and were set on going as far as we could with the advantage we had. We set out across the island and ended up literally traveling almost directly north to the other end, the top of the island more or less. What we found there was more or less discouraging at first. There was a line of cars at a stand still along the dirt road waiting for a parking spot at the prized beach. Already hot and fatigued from the forty or more minute drive, we waited all of twenty minutes before turning out and deciding to settle for the next best thing. Little did we know that we had made the best decision, but it would take us a while to find that out.

We drove on and found a nice little residential town to park the car. We wondered on down to a café-hotel that I knew would be far too expensive but was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, that’s not the important part. We wondered to the shores to find a port-like area that didn’t really seem fit for relaxing on the beach and looked more like the backyard to the expensive resorts surrounding. We decided to look just past the grassy patches and see what we could find. As we rounded the concrete blocks at the corner of the port we were astonished by the beauty of the beach before us. There was an expanse of white sand and crystal blue water stretching beyond us and we discovered the beauty that everyone had chosen to wait in that long line for. I understood it all suddenly, but there we were without the wait and we were blessed with the same beauty as everyone else.

Here is a photo to help paint my picture:

The crystal water was irresistible, and almost impossible to keep ourselves out of but, of course, we had to work on our tans as well. There’s not much else to say seeing as most of the day was spent between swimming, sitting on the shallow shoreline, and laying on the beach enjoying the soothing tunes of Jack Johnson.  We enjoyed ever ounce of the beautiful Spanish sun until it was almost setting. Then we went back and enjoyed our usual stroll along the boulevard of Palma and some drinks in the hostel with our new friends from all over the world!