Ferie Day 4: Alcudia, Mallorca

On our last full day in Mallorca, of course we were going to spend it searching for yet another perfectly picturesque Mallorcan beach. We found one. Alcúdia is almost the farthest you can go north on the island. Mallorca doesn’t really sit straight in the water, so it’s a little bit difficult to explain the island in terms of direction; we were at what seemed to be the top of the island. Getting there was less of a feat than getting to St. Jordi the previous day and my Italian mates marveled as we drove by various fast-food joints. It’s my immediate reaction to role my eyes at the utter amazement that crosses their face when they see something like Burger King or KFC, but I have to remind myself that these joints don’t exist in Italy, they’ve only been allowed to grow accustomed to those Golden Arches… good or bad?

I won’t bore you with another post saying we laid on the beach and enjoyed the sun, because that’s what we did but that’s boring. Instead, I wanted to describe the beach that we went to beyond the white sand and aqua-blue water.

This particular beach was, well for lack a better word, particular. As we walked out into the sea to take a refreshing dip, we were tricked by the illusive blue water. It was a kind of weird optical illusion as we walked toward others playing in the gentle waves, knee-deep. Their figures grew bigger and bigger as we walked toward them, the sight tricked our eyes as the water lapped against the same line along our legs.

Once we realized we weren’t getting any deeper, Lorenzo and I stopped and looked at each other. How strange? We looked at the blonde girl playing volleyball with her friend in the water, then back to each other.

What is going on?’ we seemed to silently ask each other. Then, as always, Lorenzo broke the mood;

‘She’s just really tall,’ he said laughing.

We fought our way to get deep enough for a swim and when we were least expecting it, we stumbled into the chest deep water. We turned, looking back to shore;

‘Our towels are so far away…’ our eyes said again as we chose to turn and keep swimming.