Back in the Game: Up and Coming

I have been completely neglecting my poor blog these past few weeks and although I can’t complain since my work hours have been through the roof it has been hard not to have the time or energy to write. Things have calmed down a little bit these days as my temporary position has ended and I’ve settled into my normal job. Currently I’m working through writing a detailed guide about the up-and-coming European Tour my company is introducing this spring.

I had big plans for my blog in January. Although I’m not big on New Years Resolutions it seems like a good excuse to refresh some things and create a schedule for myself. Well, now it’s February so I guess my New Year’s Resolutions have turned into Valentine’s Day Resolutions.

Now that I’m working normal hours I can put myself on a blogging schedule and hopefully get through all the content that I should have been covering last year. I have made quite a few trips in Europe in the last six months that have yet to be mentioned on my blog and have some upcoming events planned as well.

I attempted to introduce a new series called “The Local Lowdown” but it didn’t catch on as well as I had hoped and I didn’t work as hard as I should have. I get a lot of questions from travelers and students for suggestions of places to eat, stay, party and shop based on so many different criteria and after a year of living in Florence I think it’s finally time for me to dig deeper and start dishing out the tips! I’m going to amp up the Local Lowdown just a bit, not necessarily focusing on one place per post. If there’s anything specific readers want to hear about from Florence, let me know!

I really enjoyed my series “Lessons on Living with and Italian” and like the other columns I let it slide. I have not held myself to a strict enough posting schedule. I want to revamp that series using it not only to talk about interesting cultural difference that arise in a relationship, but in living among Italians in general. I would really like to broaden this section by opening it up to guest posts. If you have an interesting story about a relationship, friendship, homestay or general cultural difference that you want to share (it doesn’t have to be with an Italian) contact me!!

I want to give my site an all-around makeover, freshening up the theme and the pages as well, but this will take a bit more time as I haven’t even had the time to start the required research! It’s all a great big process but I’m so excited to finally get it started.

Last, and possibly most exciting… Lorenzo and I will have some big events coming up but the plans are still just budding ideas in our heads at the moment so watch for announcements on just what might be coming up!

Travel Update: We just landed in Sardinia and with a budget flight, budget accommodation and a local tour guide/friend we are set to have a great break from the dreary Florence chill.

Go figure that there was no Wi-fi anywhere in Sardinia, so by the time I’ve finally posted this we are in fact home safe and sound in Florence. We survived Bear Grylls inspired hiking, food poisoning, extra long airport waits and no internet.

In March we have a trip planned to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day which is a very special day for us…

Please, seriously, contact me with your input suggestions and contributions! Comment, message, tweet and facebook me if there’s something you’ve been dying to see me post. Thanks for sticking with me even when I’ve stayed transparent on your RSS feeds for weeks at a time!