Sardinia Day 5: Villacidro—>Home

Day 4 was spent in bed and in front of the TV. Since Lorenzo was bed bound for the entire day. I had no problem staying in with him and resting, since I hadn’t slept the night before because I wanted to be there to care for him (yes, I am aware of how fantastic of a girlfriend I am! 😉 haha kidding…). This little incident was a good perspective into what might happen if we were on the road on a long-term trip and one of us got sick. We were absolutely lucky to be staying in such a fabulous place, everyone that works in this tiny hostel is so caring and helpful. I assume that had we been anywhere else it would be a similar situation, as I think everyone can relate to the horrible feelings that come from being sick.

Everything always seems ten times worse during the night but as we are completely alone in this hostel (the owners don’t live here) I started getting worried that maybe something worse would happen. In almost two years Lorenzo has never been so sick that he can’t take care of himself and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to give him what he needed. In our relationship we have found health remedies to be one of the biggest cultural differences, believe it or not. Whenever I was sick to my stomach as a kid it was always 7-up and Saltine Crackers for me. For him, white pasta and rice. When I have a cold, it’s tea and orange juice. For him a spoonful of honey mixed with lemon. Don’t even get me started on the everyday health issues (… I swear that for 23 years I didn’t dry my hair before bed and I’m still alive and quite well….) Plus, I know more than anyone how much you just want to be home with your family when you feel so miserable.

As I was able to gain a bit of perspective, and a bit of sleep the next day, I realized that we would have sorted it out. I was able to get to the supermarket and pharmacy, asking directions and getting the remedies needed in order to make Lorenzo as comfortable as possible. Even though it was easy and our situation wasn’t as dire as it could have been, it gave me comfort and confidence in knowing that we’d be able to handle a similar situation in the future.

The problem that we face now is that without Lorenzo being at one-hundred percent we have nowhere to store our bags or hang out until our flight at 9 o’clock tonight. Go figure that today is the only day our whole trip that it’s rained. So this is the part that I just wish I was at home. If we had stayed at the B&B last night we could have left our suitcases there but since we failed to show-up, I don’t think they would appreciate us asking to drop our luggage. There’s a first time for everything but I have to say that I hope next time if one of us gets sick on the road that we’ll be on the kind of trip that we aren’t traveling around for flights and we can simply stay put until we’ve completely recovered.

Have you ever been sick on the road? How did you deal with it?