Lesson #10: Layer-up!

In response to my last post about the curious health remedies that Italians use and the funny things they believe, I bring you another post about Italian superstitions. I think that these posts are a great feature at the moment because these absurdities are a regular part of my life as we are in the middle of winter and sometimes forced (I know, shocking) to go outside. Side note: we have been surprising blessed with summer since I wrote this article.

Creative Commons credit: crispyteriyaki

Here’s the thing, there is a slight problem that we encounter when we spend an evening out. If we plan an entire evening; dinner and meeting with friends for drinks after, it’s always a gamble on Lorenzo’s comfort. Through conversations with my expats-dating-italians (we should form a support group) I’ve discovered this is in fact a common problem.

Turns out, the Italians have very responsive digestive systems. Do you know what that means? While Italians are out stuffing their bodies with those delicious pastas, sauces, steaks, desserts and espresso shots their digestive systems are working hard. Rather than fiber-filled ingredients and coffee to get their system on the fast track, it’s all about the weather.

Yes, that’s right. All it takes for an Italian man’s digestive systems to kick into full gear is a bit of fresh air. It’s not even about their bodies hitting the cold air, it only has to be the stomach. I wish I was kidding.

My friend Georgette has informed me that intelligent underwear companies across Italy have created a new trend for Italian men, in the form of undershirt with double padded stomach areas.

I know you don’t believe me but it’s true.

Cold air hitting the stomach = instant need for the toilet. No, that has never happened to me but it seems a known phenomenon among all Italian men.

So, maybe you should give that last layer another thought before heading out into the winter air!

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