One Month from Today…

I cannot believe how fast time has gone! I have officially ended my stint as a tour guide (hey, for now anyway) with a month full of travel. I saw the Amalfi Coast three times and Corfu in Greece for the second time (one was enough… really… I’ll explain later).

I’m currently in a frantic attempt to put together everything I need in the next week before I start work for my seasonal job that will last until I leave!

Today I booked my train and hostel for TBEX ’11, I can’t wait to meet all the amazing bloggers I’ve been chatting with on Twitter, Facebook and all throughout the blogosphere.

I’m bringing along BF for the ride and he couldn’t be more happy to be the first in his family of globetrotters to step foot into Canada! He is more than happy to explore Vancouver for two and a half days while I knock back tons of beer network with my fellow bloggers.

We’re staying at the Samesun Backpackers for four nights, giving ourselves almost two days to explore Vancouver beyond the bars. Then I’ll finally be in my family’s grips for good. For the better part of the summer anyway. Nothing is booked just yet but the plan is to fly out of Los Angeles for Sydney on August 29th. Meaning we have given ourselves a reason to head south down the coast; something I’ve dreamed of doing since the days of Phantom Planet’s “California” and The OC (we’re not all sub-human in avoiding ridiculous teen fads okay?).

Creative Commons credit: emilio labrador

Currently we’re exhausting all the options in an attempt to find an affordable place to stay in NYC. Seeing as we have a ridiculously long layover in London (like 23 hours long) we’re up for staying in a private room. I know that means we’ll be forking over more dough and I’m okay with that to an extent. I have seen quite a few places that are hugely overpriced for what the photos show, and generally photos are meant to make places look better than they really are.

I’ve received a couple of recommendations for Airbnb and it looks cool, but again, we aren’t sure if we want to stay with someone. We originally planned on couchsurfing and decided against it for this reason.

I could really use some recommendations for places to stay in NYC above all, but also for great places to eat and things to see!

I’m a last minute packer but I’m not sure that is going to cut it in this case. Wish me luck!