Sunday Photos: Chasing the Endless Summer in San Diego

Whenever I think of San Diego, that old poster always comes to mind. You know the one? The pink and orange sunset frames the silhouette of a surfer as he searches for the best waves. This is the epitome of what I’ve always dreamed my life would be. Finally arriving in San Diego was like a dream come true for me. I had finally made it to the perfect beach town where days are spent surfing the beaches and nights are spent trolling the boardwalks for the best sunset beach bar in which shoes and shirts are not requirements.

While in San Diego, the weather wasn’t exactly up to par and we did find that perfect beach bar, only to find it closed at 8:30pm. The houses lining the boardwalk are only vacation rentals and are so overpriced that even my wildest dreams may not accommodate them. Some things are never as they seem but thanks to some good memories and good photography, these images will preserve San Diego in my mind on the list of cities I could live in.

Sunset at Mission Beach San Diego

Mission Beach.

Mission Beach Boardwalk after sundown San Diego

Mission Beach Boardwalk at sundown.

Happy Sea Lion at Sea World San Diego

These two were quite a pair, quietly waiting for some free fish at Sea World San Diego.

Beluga Whale at Sea World San Diego

Seeing the Beluga Whale was a treat since the song Baby Beluga was a favorite growing up.

La Jolla California

Beautiful La Jolla.


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