StayOn Beverly: Luxury Hostel in Los Angeles, California

The words budget traveler and luxury generally don’t go hand in hand, especially when you throw Los Angeles into the mix. However, luxury in a cozy sense of the word is exactly what you’ll be welcomed with when you punch in your personal door code and step into the StayOn Beverly located right on the edge of Korea Town in Los Angeles. Please bear in mind however, that luxury when referring to a hostel does not mean the kind of five-star service you expect to find in Hollywood’s top hotels.

StayOn Beverly in Los Angeles, California

As we pulled up into one of the five parking spaces (already this hostel gets bonus points) in front of the Beverly I already had an idea of what to expect since Spencer had stayed at the hostel previously. Still, when I walked through the front door and onto the clean, wooden floors of the hostel, I felt as if I’d stepped into a newly built apartment complex rather than a travel accommodation. As we walked the length of the hallway in an attempt to find our room, we kept shooshing each other because the place was so quiet we felt like, even at 8 o’ clock in the evening, we might be waking someone up.

Finally, we arrived at our door and I eagerly punched the code in, curious what was on the other side. As I opened the room to find a beautifully laid out double bed with a sea foam green blanket, I couldn’t help smiling. The presence of the mini-fridge, complimentary water bottle and flat-screen TV on the wall, begging to be watched, made me instantly relax. It was as if I was coming home rather than booking into a $50 per night hostel.

StayOn Beverly rooms, Los Angeles, CaliforniaI’ll be the first to admit that after a drink and dinner at the Bier Garten just down the street I was quite happy to come back and settle into catching up on some American TV and cuddling into my memory foam mattress.

Usually, when you book into a budget accomodation, you can’t be exactly sure what you might find. In the U.S. you are pretty hard-pressed to find any room for $50 a night, let alone a room that is both private and fully-equipped.

While we were traveling in Europe we booked many private rooms in hostels and often found ourselves shivering under the covers each night and creeping along concrete corridors to get to the shared bathrooms.

The StayOn Beverly felt more like a house than a hostel; the aforementioned wooden floors felt safe to walk on barefoot and the bathrooms fit perfectly into the luxury theme. Set in all beige, white and black decor the spacious bathrooms were pristine and comfortable with plush white shower mats and full shampoo dispensers set inside the showers, waiting to be used.

StayOn Beverly bathroom, Los Angeles, California

The following morning, waking up to the sound of fellow guests bustling around the common area as they prepared for a day out in L.A. I was happy to join them. When I stepped out into the light of the kitchenette, I was greeted by the lovely site of a new Keurig Coffee Machine, an individual brew coffee maker which can brew small, medium or large cups of coffees with the use of just one small pouch of coffee (and they come in all flavors!). With take-away cups, sugar and cream available, owner Bo Lorentzen had made sure that his guests had all they needed in order to start their day right.

StayOn Beverly common area Los Angeles, California

As can be the case with some budget accommodation, these photos don’t lie. They are true to life examples of what you will find when you choose to stay at the Beverly. After meeting Bo on the first morning of my stay it is quite clear to me that his guest’s comfort is his highest concern. He takes pride in the quality that he is able to offer to his guests and that he allows them to stay in budget so they can spend their hard-earned money on the sights of Los Angeles.

StayOn Beverly common area, Los Angeles, California

Although I did run into a few guests here and there, this is definitely not a social hostel. So,  please for your sake and the sake of the other guests, don’t book here if you are on the party path through California. Just because it is affordable and comfortable does not mean it is for everyone. A hostel like the Beverly is a great place to take respite, or to relax and catch up on sleep when you’ve been on the road for a while.

If you are traveling to Los Angeles don’t miss this hostel. It is absolutely lovely and has the nice, quiet comforts of a boutique hotel. You’ll feel right at home.

A full list of amenities can be found on the hostel’s website but they include things such as clean towels, free bottles of water, free coffee and an iPod compatible clock radio.


*I stayed as a guest of the StayOn Beverly but all opinions, as always, are my own.

*All photos are property of Bo Lorentzen and the StayOn Beverly.