September 2010

Hi it’s nice to meet you, I’m awkward

September 30, 2010

I have been in Florence for nine months now, but there’s something that still really gets me about the culture here. I still get that really embarrassing, uncomfortable amount of nervous sweat that accumulates on my palms when I have to say goodbye or hello to someone. The things that go through my head would [...]

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A local look at Nice, France

September 28, 2010

My first guest post comes from Christine, a fellow travel blogger living her dream in France. I missed out on the chance to share a liter with Christine at Oktoberfest this year but enjoy her daily posts about life in France and her travels through Europe. She offered to help me out and give me [...]

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Lesson #6: Not Gay, Just Italian

September 21, 2010

There is so much material I could put into this post, so much ammo I have gained in the last nine months living with an Italian and hanging out with his Italian friends. But I think the ultimate declaration of this statement was made while we were in Madrid on the amazingly organized hostel pub [...]

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Ferie Day 2: Alicante, Spain

September 20, 2010

Since we only had one full day in Alicante, we had to get in everything we wanted to do in that one day. We definitely knew we needed to hit the beach and climb up to the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. It was hot in Alicante, it was probably the hottest place we were in [...]

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Who says work can’t be fun?

September 16, 2010

In the midst of all the stress of thinking about what I could possibly write about my recent trip and what I could possible write about my life here in Florence (tough huh?) I stupidly overlooked some of the most exciting news, and something that I am happy to share with my followers and fellow [...]

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Ferie Day 1: Pisa Aeroporto-Alicante, Spain

September 13, 2010

I thought a lot about how I wanted to recount my summer trip through Spain and Portugal. And as I thought, I watched the days pass with no posts. I felt lost in the possibilities of all the things to say and the realization that none of them seemed significant. In the meantime, I have [...]

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Why Hello Rome…

September 5, 2010

This week I have been beyond blessed with a schedule chock-full of work hours! This job has taken me from Florence to Rome and back, then on to Perugia and in the end I’ll come out pretty clean for it all. I keep getting down on myself for not getting in more important posts, especially [...]

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