Lesson #1: They’re Always Right

Now, before you automatically resort to that saying about how your wife or girlfriend is always right so that you can avoid the fight, let me explain. Italians are always right. Ask anyone else who personally knows an Italian and they will know what you are talking about. There is something that Italians carry in their genes that tells them from the minute they are able to think independently that whatever idea or answer they have, is the right one. It’s the one everyone else wants to hear and it’s the answer to life’s burning questions.

Italian Mug


You can imagine then, how it feels to live with an Italian, in Italy. There is an answer to every question and he always has a comment to make. As I have become more comfortable living in Italy I am finding out that not only does my Italian not know all the answers, he knows very few of them. I recently started telling my friends that he is the broken Italian because he hasn’t traveled Italy, he doesn’t know the best places in town to eat or drink and he has never seen some of the major Florentine or Italian events and festivals. Somehow, all of this unknown doesn’t stop him from believing that he has all the answers.

A few days ago I was walking through the city center and I came to Piazza Santa Croce. The Piazza was fully set-up with bleachers, which I could only instantly recognize must be in preparation for the upcoming Calcio Storico (historical soccer). I got home and excitedly told Lorenzo that the preparations had began. His reply? Calcio Storico isn’t for two more weeks, it couldn’t possibly be for that. There must be a concert or something.

Ok fine, maybe he was right. What do I know about this tradition?

This week we have had the pleasure of hanging out with Chris of The Aussie Nomad and Suzy of Suzy Guese and as we were walking through the city I hear Lorenzo explaining to Chris that the bleachers are all set-up in preparation for the city’s annual Calcio Storico game in a couple of weeks.

Do you see now? This is just one example. Next thing he’ll be telling me about life in Seattle.