Lesson #2: But There’s Bacteria!!

It’s about time I updated you all with the ups and downs of La Dolce Vita.

The first time he said something, I brushed it off thinking it was nothing. Now that it’s a reoccurring theme I feel free to share it with you all. It started with a simple comment. One night we were going to sleep and all of the sudden Lorenzo mentions that he can’t go to sleep without his t-shirt on. Sorry?

He told me that if he sleeps without his t-shirt for even one night that he’ll get sick. Someone forgot to tell this kid that it’s germs that make you sick, not the cold.

Sadly, it doesn’t stop here. Every time I pick up a piece of fruit I hear, “be sure to wash it unless you want to… “, I’ll spare you the finals words of that warning. The same goes for picking up food off the floor. C’mon, what about the five second rule?

I have to say it’s quite shocking and it makes for a good joke to have a boyfriend that cares more about germs and who is more fussy then you are. It’s not a common trait for American men.

I mean look at the way he’s turning his nose up at the sea. You can practically hear it… “But there’s bacteerrriiiiaaa!”