Busy Weeks

I know I have been really bad about posting, the worst part is that I have a million ideas running through my head. I don’t honestly know why I haven’t written them down. I supposed Candice was right in her post about losing a job and suddenly gaining a million and one other things to do! All of the sudden, I don’t have a job to run to everyday and now all I want to do is sit and read other people’s blogs, think about traveling and enjoy Florence while I’m still here! Maybe it has something to do with realizing what you really want, even if you aren’t getting paid for it.

I did have a chance to make my very first guest post for Suzy Guese this past week! Then, that very article was featured by Caz in yTravelBlog‘s first ever Weekly Best Travel Blogs post. I mean, I’ll admit I still don’t completely understand how all this stuff works but I will have to say that I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the love I have been getting over these weeks since I have started my blog. Including the start-up thanks to Chris of The Aussie Nomad. I feel a bit weird tagging all of these links but I don’t know how to thank the people in the blogging world for caring about me just as they care about all those other travel bloggers out there. It makes me realize everyday that I’m doing a good thing, and I’ll be in good company the whole way through.

Thank you’s said, I’ll do my best to get my ideas on paper this week. In the midst of planning my big upcoming trip through Spain and Portugal (ok 3 weeks isn’t the real kind of big but…) and looking for some kind of job that can get me through the rest of the year or hopefully one that will take me further; I have to remember to finish what I started and keep plugging away on my site and getting connected. I still have a lot of work to do but for now I’m just happy to have all the contact details in place for my site and some assignments on hand to get to writing.

Hopefully I’ll be a lot more interactive this week on all aspects. Thanks for all the support!!