Lesson #3: They ARE Romantic!

Ok, I know this section is supposed to be for proving those hilarious Italian stereotypes right and revealing new ones but I can’t really pass this up.

Yesterday evening, I returned home from a much needed Monday at the beach; a day full of talking about relationships and the “little things”. Little surprises you know, like maybe flowers, never happen to me. My friend Georgette was talking about the importance of surprises to show you care in a relationship. This isn’t really a new subject in my relationship, I’m always thinking how it would be nice to get a little something now and then. At the same time, I appreciate just his words and how much he is there for me, no matter what. It’s the battle between material and emotional. In reality, they are both nice and I can’t talk because I haven’t done my nice share of thoughtful surprises either.

Anyway, I push open the fifty-pound door, which feels fifty-pounds heavier after an hour standing on a stinky train. Sunglasses still on, I walked into a seemingly pitch-black room. Then, I pulled up the shades. I have to say I was a little in shock at first. I mumbled a few confused phrases. Here’s what I saw.

The most beautiful flowers, bug spray, refills for the mosquito-murdering wallplug, and a CD. Along with a sweet little note. The bug spray and mosquito armor might seem a little strange to many but it’s really the way to my heart. I suppose he realized that when for the third week in a row this morning I woke up with an evil glare in my eyes as I scratched the new mystery wrist I had grown over night. There is something about these Italian mosquitos, but just like the men they love that American blood (hahaha, just kidding!!).

Anyway, I promise next week to get back to my usual posts and expose the true Italian-style, but really aren’t they stereotypically romantic too? Just can’t get away from those Italian Stallions.