ItaliaWave and My Awesome Mixtape (Livorno, Italy)

Often times I tell people about my “broken Italian”, and I don’t mean the language. Lorenzo never seems to know when there are festivals going on in Florence or around. I always have to turn to my friend Georgette to know the traditions and the new festivals available. Maybe I’m not giving him enough credit. It seems that he does know a lot, it just focuses around music. I like music, and I like learning about new bands since I can’t seem to get away from the “bandwagon”, no matter how long you like a band for, if they ever get popular, you aren’t allowed to be both respected and still like them.

This weekend was the ItaliaWave Love Festival in Livorno, on the Tuscan Coast. I had seen the signs around the city but only recognized one band (OK Go). I thought it might be a fun venture anyway, since I love outdoor concerts and I love the seaside. I mentioned this to Lorenzo and he looked into it. Much to his excitement he found that his newly discovered favorite band My Awesome Mixtape was playing there on Saturday. Our plans were set.

Photo from My Awesome Mixtape Facebook Page

I had heard only a few songs and snippets from My Awesome Mixtape, but I’m always up for new bands. I really just like the atmosphere. Plus, they sing all in English so I was guaranteed to at least UNDERSTAND the words.

The band put on a great show. They played most of their songs, they loved the crowd and they love the stage. Before they even started playing they invited forced the crowd to come closer. Then they got right into it, no need for encouragement. They jumped around the stage, clapped and chanted with the crowd and showed the passion for their music.

I have to appreciate these bands, they really love what they are doing and although it looked like their heads might explode at any minute from all the yelling and crazy movements, they weren’t faking.

Getting the Italiawave crowd excited

Another thing I have noticed as I have watched more and more bands perform in Italy is their use of non-traditional instruments. I have been both excited and intrigued to see saxophones, cow bells, violins, old school basses (I thought it was a cello until Lorenzo informed me otherwise), and trumpets! It really makes for an exciting performance. It’s nice to see people break out of the mold when it comes to music and not be afraid to showcase their differences.

The show lasted about an hour and afterward the band came down to assist the sales girl in getting merchandise to fans. Again much to the pleasure of Lorenzo and his two friends/bandmates, as they were able to get an autographed CD and a quick chat with the band. The only thing I harassed Lorenzo for is not mentioning his own band, but he said the guy who has just been speaking to the singer gave him a CD so he didn’t want to come across like he was only in it for the promotion. I understand that. My Awesome Mixtape even writes back to Lorenzo on FB, that is really special to me. It is very important in any business to keep a connection with your fans and supporters.

A good band off to a good start! They have my support!

If you read Italian, check their Facebook page, otherwise here is the first video I ever saw from Balcony TV. You have to skip about one minute in to get past her German introduction but you can get a good idea of their music (this is a calmer song) but I like the trumpet and how into it they get even for an acoustic version.

As for Livorno, the coastline drive alone has my vote for a city worth seeing! I have to get back there (should be easy enough for me) and I would recommend it for a seaside visit if you happen to be on the Tuscan Coast.