6 Months Blogiversary!

It’s true, and I really can’t believe it but today is the day! It’s my 6-month blogiversary!

First month in Florence; I look so different to myself.

I realistically started blogging back in February 2009 when I landed in Sydney but I never count that because I was so caught up in my new world that I think I produced about three and a half posts in five months, not really an avid blogger was I? I blogged on my life in Italy when I arrived because I really had nothing better to do, and then one day I stumbled upon Twenty-Something Travel, As We Travel and The Aussie Nomad. I have no idea how I made this amazing discovery of the blogging world but it changed the way I viewed my own blog! Then, after persuading Chris (The Aussie Nomad) to change his plans and come visit me in Florence and a little… no, no A LOT of help from Chris and Suzy Guese, I was off and running.

I have to say that I don’t know that I am where I should be with my blog after six months but I am getting more and more motivated to get the ball rolling thanks to all of the support I have gotten and the friends I have made along the way. I really wouldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement! In saying that I have to thank everyone who has supported me through commenting, retweeting and just plain reading my posts and connected with me on twitter and facebook; it’s still amazing to me what a community we have created!

On another note; I am also 15 days away from my one-year anniversary of landing in Italy and therefore 17 days away from the anniversary of my first ever trip within Europe (yes, I did take off to Amsterdam 2 days after arriving in Italy to surprise my friends). I have come so far from the scared (yes scared) newbie I was back then. When I arrived I knew no one, I had no real plan other than that teaching was my “only” option, and no idea what I was getting myself into. Now I have friends both in Florence and all over Europe and the world, I am working in a job that I love, I am continually working on improving my writing and developing a skill that will last and I am finally speaking a new language! I would say my ambitions have been completely renewed, and even on the worst days, I have that to be proud of.

So here’s to many more months and years of travel and blogging and to making connections with amazing people all over the world! Cheers!