Local Lowdown: Sei Divino

Before I say anything about my new pick for Local Lowdown I must say this; if you google Sei Divino in Florence, many website reviews like to mention that the place offers a theme aperitivo featuring a different international cuisine each night. This is not true. I dragged my friend Whitney here on a Monday night for some tasty Mexican and instead found a plate full of delicious, but not Mexican, salamis and cheeses. That said, I can now tell you the delights of this little wine bar.

photo credit: drinkadrink.com

I love the place, of course, because it’s approximately a ten-minute walk from my house and being the laziest foreigner in all of Florence, this suits me quite well. Aside from that, it has a cozy atmosphere and a wine list way too extensive for my carefree taste for alcohols but intriguing none the less. I guess the longer I am here, and forced to be the official “wine taster” of the table the better I’ll get, right?

Sei Divino is nestled into a bustling side street called Borgo Ognissanti which at this time of year is lined with glowing crystal blue balls of Christmas lights, making it all the more beautiful! Inside the shelves are full of wines from all over Italy which are used both as decoration and for drinking. The wood interior gives the whole place a dark, trendy vibe while still being a comfortable place for the less trendy souls (i.e. ME). Beneath the shelves the counter has small tables which quite literally come out of the woodwork, pulling out of the shelving to create tables for two. These tables remind me of the cutting board we used to have in our kitchen that pulled out conveniently right next to the stove.

In back, past the second bar and the stage there are larger tables suitable for bigger groups. And in the warmer months their outside tent allows guests to drink up the sounds of the city along with their chilled white. The last time we were here there was a live band playing. The Kid Rock look-alike was lively and his energy getting the whole crowd involved, even coming into the back room where it was just lonely old us and playing jingle bells standing on our bench. Word for the wise though, don’t try to have a long, meaningful farewell conversation with friends that don’t know each other while there is a live band playing. The bar is small and the sound carries, plus that’s the point of amplifiers and all that jazz.

All around Sei Divino is a great place if you are looking for a low-key or classy night out in Florence. It is a favorite of mine and I can see myself spending many more nights there in the remainder of my time in this beautiful city. Come join me!

Sei Divino is located at Borgo Ognissanti, 42.