Sydney, here we come!

It’s official, we have a ticket to Sydney!sydney harbour bridge

It may be the furthest in advance we have ever planned anything, but we are doing it, we’re continuing onto Australia on August 23, 2011. Of course that means with the time change that we arrive on August 25 in Sydney. That international date line is always stealing days from people.

Some people may not know this but Sydney is my favorite city in the world (so far!), I spent 5 months there studying and that’s where I met Lorenzo! I also met some of my best friends there and together we had the time of our lives.

Now almost all of us have moved on. There are three friends remaining, three friends who have spent the last two years living their lives in Sydney without us. Obviously, that’s not a bad thing but there are a few ideas that Lorenzo and I need to come to terms with before we step off that plane.

What am I afraid of?

I’m afraid that I won’t be in love with Sydney anymore. Amanda of A Dangerous Business recently returned to Wellington, a city that she loves the way that I love Sydney. She said it felt like going home. What if it doesn’t feel the same for me?

What if…

I loved my life there, not the city? Some of those people aren’t there anymore and I can’t possible live that life since I am no longer in school and I will have to work to support myself.

karaoke in sydney australia

What if…

I have to work so much to support myself that I don’t get to the holiday part of the working holiday visa?

What if…

We hate our new housemates. Is it possible to be lucky enough to find the perfect 8 out of 10 for a second time in a row?

So, how do you overcome the what if when you are heading back to your favorite city?

I believe that I love Sydney for what it is. I believe that I want to live a beach lifestyle and enjoy my companions the way the Australians do. I believe that for once, I want to get paid a decent wage for the effort I put in.

I miss good beer. I miss the ocean, so much.

Have you ever been disappointed by your favorite city the second time around?