What I’m most looking forward to back in the U.S.A

I remember writing this piece for yTravelBlog about living an expat life in Italy. At the end I finished it off with;

If you wanted all the comforts of home, you should have stayed home!

I’ll admit, sometimes easy is nice.

I know that I currently live in the land of delicious food, but believe it or not there are times I just want something else.

Here are some of the things that I am looking forward to eating, seeing and doing when we land back in the U. S. of A. on June 2.

Eating. Mexican Food and Cheeseburgers.

creative commons mexican food

Creative Commons credit: adpowers

I love food. Too much, actually. Don’t think I haven’t noticed those pasta pounds. Trust me, I know they’re there.

I am looking forward to being able to go to a new place for dinner every night and order something completely different. I’m looking forward to freshly made tortilla chips and guacamole made with ripe avocados. I can’t wait to drink a margarita as big as my head.

You can shoot me for saying it, especially since the best pizza is right here but I am craving some good old greasy bar pizza. Mostly I want a 2am order of a large pepperoni and olive and cheesy bread from A Pizza Mart (to share of course…). That’s the local bar/late-night pizza joint near my Uni.

Good Old American Pastimes. Like going to the lake and watching a game from the beer garden.

Some of our best college memories were spent on my friend JJ’s boat out on Lake Washington. I know that those are memories of the past, meant to be cherished right where I left them. But the lake is waiting for more good times to be had. There are lakes in Italy, but they use them differently. I think that my Italian needs to be introduced to the American use of the lake. Extreme tubing, wakeboarding, drinking and riding around in boats all day.

summer tubing

I’m not a huge sports fan, let’s be honest with each other here. I have a sense of hometown pride for my pathetically ranking teams; the Huskies and the Mariners. I’ll never fail to enjoy going to a game though. Sure there is drinking involved and yes I do still know whose family has the best Husky tailgates (you know who you are… Jackie). The wafting smells of garlicky goodness that comes from the french fry and hot dog options at Safeco Field? That’s all part of it. The fact that I know my dad will book the hotel across the street from the field, just to be sure he doesn’t miss the game.

seatte skyline

Creative Commons credit: bryce_edwards

I miss the view of the city lights on my right and my much-loved Uni on my left as I drive to my Aunt and Unlces after a long day at work.

I can’t wait to spend a whole day (or week) lying by my sisters pool with while my niece and nephew beg me to go down the slide with them and their Basset Hound sad-eyes whatever food I have in my hands. Hey, I babysit them too.

I can’t wait to finally get my running shoes back to Greenlake for a little jog. Maybe along the way my friends can introduce me to their new favorite yoga and/or coffee haunts.

It’s time for Lorenzo to get a glimpse into my world.