My 7 Links: Best of Wayward Traveller

The last few days, many of these My 7 Links (via Tripbase) posts have been floating around in the blogosphere and I was starting to feel a bit left out. Imagine my enjoyment when I woke up the other morning to an email in my inbox from Christine|in|Spain notifying me that she’d nominated me to participate in the next round.

I had already started thinking about which posts to include but some where harder than others. It’s time to take an objective look at my own blog.

Duomo in the snow

1. My Most Beautiful Post

Normally it’s not something that I get excited about but when Florence had its only Snow Day! it was a captivating and beautiful photo opportunity. I love the quiet, soft air that fills the city during the first snow fall and the Renaissance city was a great backdrop for a slow and peaceful walk home.

2. My Most Popular Post

For the popularity of my blog at the time and the fact that it was selected for two separate Favorite Posts of the Week features, I think that my post Hi it’s nice to meet you, I’m awkward is my most popular. Dealing with cultural difference can be frustrating, but what’s the point if you can’t laugh at yourself? The photo was an added bonus.

hostel room Portugal

3. My Most Controversial Post

Although it didn’t cause any heated comments, I wrote Hostels: Love-Hate Relationship? specifically to find out other bloggers opinions on the situation, because we all know everyone has one. When it comes to hostels, what are your rules? Judge every review with your own taste in mind.

4. My Most Helpful Post

When I finally made the decision to stick around Florence, I had no idea what kind of headache I was in for when it came to being legal. After I dealt with everything from a surprise trip home, to {two} five-hour stints at the Questura, I assumed I could help out the next hopeful. When I wrote the post Getting My Visa, I made sure to cover every detail and scenario in the hopes that someone who was getting the run around like I did, could turn to it for a step-by-step guide on what they needed to do.

lagos portugal

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

When I wrote the post G’Day from Little Oz, it was something that I had wanted to get in my blog for a while. I wasn’t all that impressed with the actual words that went into the post but liked the concept and the beautiful photos. One little stumble led it to be the most viewed post on my blog. I suppose beach photos bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Italian cities in Little Italy Boston

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

Although I’m always slow to write about my travels, I loved my day in Boston so much that I wanted everyone to know about it! I was pretty happy with how Sorry NY but I ♥ Boston flowed out of me. Although it got quite a few comments, it didn’t cause as much controversy as I’d hoped. Maybe not as many people have been to the two cities as I’d originally thought?

7. The Post That I am Most Proud Of

Although short Lesson #1: They’re Always Right started it all with my series on living with an Italian. It was the beginning of sharing with my audience the very things that my friends and I talk about almost every time we get together. The funny things that Italian men do and some of the fun of adjusting. As the series grew it became a great way for other expats, and those in inter-cultural relationships to share they and their partners quirky cultural differences.

And now, my 5 blogger nominations for the next round of My 7 Links:

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