Why hello present day…

I’m again interrupting my irregularly scheduled California posts to bring you a bit of the present day. Don’t despair, I did much more in L.A. than stay in a great hostel, I also surfed with Jade and Bobby and went to the WB Studios. I didn’t see a celebrity though. I’m still slightly disappointed about that one. More on that another day because to be honest I’ve never really been that good at documenting my travels as they happen. You may have noticed that I was tweeting from California from early to mid-August and have been in Sydney since. I think you get the picture.

Sydney Opera House at sunrise (Sydney, Australia)

These days I’m mostly making an attempt not to sit down too early in the day to avoid realizing how exhausted I really am from working 5:30am shifts, 10+ hours a day and 6 days a week. The money is what matters at the moment (and that may be the only time you ever hear me say that). I know that I shouldn’t complain about work; most people work my hours on a day-to-day basis and really I’m not complaining, just giving you a glimpse into my life these days. At least at that time in the morning I get to see the magnificent view that you see above.

You see, the weather in Sydney has been shit these past weeks and I thought, why not work as much as possible and save up to play when the sun comes out. The sun is actually shining brilliantly through my living room window at this very moment and if there wasn’t such a dull ache in my overworked feet, I might just get up to frolic in it. I’ve opted for the cushy couch and cold champagne this evening instead.

Champagne and Sun (Sydney, Australia)

I’m not all that boring really. First of all, the hotel I’m working at is not only located in the historic Rocks district of Sydney but it’s also literally set on the waterfront. Being a waitress at the restaurant I get to spend a large part of my day walking along the pier delivering beers and bar snacks; which I only enjoy when the wind is calm and the sun reflects off the water making it look like the outside lot is covered in diamonds. Those haven’t been recent days.

You’ll be happy to know that I’m making some friends. Thanks to work and yet another share house, I have been introduced to a lot of new people and thankfully been spending a lot of time with old friends as well. And I thought this whole packing up my life again thing was going to be hard!

You may have noticed that I haven’t written much about Sydney or Australia in general on this blog before. I thought about it once, and then decided that my travels in Europe were sufficient enough to carry the load for a while until I figured out what I wanted to do. Two years later I’m back to the land I love and I thought it might be nice to gain some perspective by waiting to do the writing bit until I have revisited and relived some of Sydney. Watch for some fun comparisons. I hope I have a good handle on the adventures this city has to offer me. A year almost doesn’t seem long enough to get through it all. Not to mention I still have the rest of this giant country to conquer!

The Rocks Market (Sydney, Australia)

I just needed to take a moment to bounce back into present day. There isn’t a whole lot of excitement to fill you in on at the moment but there will be more to come soon!

I’ll leave you with one little bit of wisdom here: this country ain’t cheap!