April 2011

Discovering and Re-Discovering My Inner Writer

April 27, 2011

As I was writing this on the long journey home from Greece yesterday, I realized that although my travel stories are somewhat personal, I don’t write many personal things beyond travel on this blog. Writing this was an attempt to clear my head and get back on track. Ever since I was a little kid [...]

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The Luck of the Irish, Which I Didn’t Find.

April 12, 2011

You know the saying, everyone does. The Luck of the Irish. Okay, I have to admit; I didn’t think twice about that phrase while I was in Ireland. Nor did I see any particularly lucky events. I’d like to propose a change to the phrase, what about the heart of the Irish… doesn’t really have [...]

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Lesson #10: Layer-up!

April 7, 2011

In response to my last post about the curious health remedies that Italians use and the funny things they believe, I bring you another post about Italian superstitions. I think that these posts are a great feature at the moment because these absurdities are a regular part of my life as we are in the [...]

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Walking along ‘The Prom’-Galway City

April 4, 2011

Galway is the most adorable little city, everything you need is located it the tiny block of streets and alleyways known as the city center. However, looking out past the Spanish Arch, we knew there was more to this city that rowdy pubs and fish & chips. The path that leads from Galway City to [...]

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Sunday Photos: Cinque Terre

April 3, 2011

This week marked the first real springtime (more like summer) full week in Florence. After a horrible stormy and gloomy Monday, the sun came out bright and beautiful! My company spent this Saturday on our first Cinque Terre trip of the season. I have a bright red triangle-shaped sunburn on my shoulder to prove it. [...]

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